IRCAMDR: IRCAM3 Data Reduction Software

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IRCAMDR: IRCAM3 Data Reduction Software

Post by Ada Coda » Sun Jun 29, 2014 10:55 pm

IRCAMDR: IRCAM3 Data Reduction Software

Abstract: The UKIRT IRCAM3 data reduction and analysis software package, IRCAMDR (formerly ircam_clred) analyzes and displays any 2D data image stored in the standard Starlink (ascl:1110.012) NDF data format. It reduces and analyzes IRCAM1/2 data images of 62x58 pixels and IRCAM3 images of 256x256 size. Most of the applications will work on NDF images of any physical (pixel) dimensions, for example, 1024x1024 CCD images can be processed.

Credit: Aspin, Colin; McCaughrean, Mark; Bridger, Alan B.; Baines, Dave; Beard, Steven; Chan, S.; Giddings, Jack; Hartley, K. F.; Horsfield, A.P.; Kelly, B. D.; Emerson, J. P.; Currie, Malcolm J.; Economou, Frossie


Bibcode: 2014ascl.soft06015A

ID: ascl:1406.015
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