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Re: Citations

by owlice » Fri Mar 06, 2015 3:34 pm

Whole thread

Dan F-M ‏@exoplaneteer Mar 4
What's the best way to cite a blog post in an astronomy paper? Is there anything I can do to make my blog more citable?
Jonathan Sick ‏@jonathansick Mar 4
@exoplaneteer For the LSST DM tech blog I'm thinking of giving each post a DOI. If you figure a sweet workflow I'd love to see it
August Muench ‏@augustmuench Mar 4
@jonathansick @exoplaneteer good idea, but a DOI assumes persistence of some sort -- figure that out bc people will ask.
Jonathan Sick ‏@jonathansick Mar 4
@augustmuench @exoplaneteer Would cross-publishing blog posts to arXiv be crazy?
August Muench ‏@augustmuench Mar 4
@jonathansick @exoplaneteer I'd say not crazy, but arXiv might reject given their increasingly heavy handed moderation.
Jonathan Sick ‏@jonathansick Mar 4
@augustmuench @exoplaneteer ok, we def need a Journal of Blog Posts then cc @GeertHub @arfon
August Muench ‏@augustmuench Mar 4
@jonathansick @exoplaneteer @GeertHub @arfon whatever it is pls dont let it be pdfs hanging off a URL bc holy sh!tballs that would suck.
Douglas Burke ‏@doug_burke Mar 4
@augustmuench @jonathansick @exoplaneteer @GeertHub @arfon perhaps of interest: @gbilder's Tweet: https://twitter.com/gbilder/status/5731 ... 27809?s=09
Douglas Burke ‏@doug_burke 19h19 hours ago
@augustmuench @jonathansick @exoplaneteer @GeertHub @arfon also https://thewinnower.com/papers/now-i-am ... ing-worlds
August Muench ‏@augustmuench 19h19 hours ago
@doug_burke @jonathansick @exoplaneteer @GeertHub @arfon right. you need a doi AND a fucking trusted repository. or maybe just a trusted...
Dan F-M ‏@exoplaneteer 19h19 hours ago
@augustmuench @doug_burke @jonathansick @GeertHub @arfon very nice! I ended up going with @ZENODO_ORG (http://dx.doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.15856 …)… acceptable?
Jonathan Sick ‏@jonathansick 17h17 hours ago
@exoplaneteer @augustmuench @doug_burke @GeertHub @arfon Is there a way to have the @ZENODO_ORG doi URL redirect to the blog directly?
Dan F-M ‏@exoplaneteer 17h17 hours ago
@jonathansick that’s not what I want! It’s not a trusted repository! @augustmuench @doug_burke @GeertHub @arfon @ZENODO_ORG
owlice ‏@owlice 17h17 hours ago
@exoplaneteer What do you mean by "trusted repository"? @jonathansick @augustmuench @doug_burke @GeertHub @arfon @ZENODO_ORG
Dan F-M ‏@exoplaneteer 17h17 hours ago
@owlice I mean that I redesign my website every few months & delete posts… @jonathansick @augustmuench @doug_burke
Dan F-M ‏@exoplaneteer 17h17 hours ago
@owlice it was Gus’ wording. @jonathansick @augustmuench @doug_burke
owlice ‏@owlice 17h17 hours ago
@exoplaneteer Ah, OK! Will have to manually track cites to DOI unless in a curated Zenodo community @jonathansick @augustmuench @doug_burke
owlice ‏@owlice 17h17 hours ago
@exoplaneteer @jonathansick @augustmuench @doug_burke IOW, ADS can't track them; something else might, though. Does Google Scholar?
August Muench ‏@augustmuench 17h17 hours ago
@owlice @exoplaneteer @jonathansick @doug_burke ADS could track them but doesn't.
Jonathan Sick ‏@jonathansick 17h17 hours ago
@augustmuench @owlice @exoplaneteer @doug_burke Can one manually submit a Zenodo-hosted resource to ADS?
owlice ‏@owlice 16h16 hours ago
@jonathansick @augustmuench @exoplaneteer @doug_burke I don't know the rules for manual submissions; should ask @aaccomazzi.
Alberto Accomazzi ‏@aaccomazzi 15h15 hours ago
@owlice @jonathansick @augustmuench @exoplaneteer @doug_burke would really love to come up w/ policy before starting to do these as one-offs
Alberto Accomazzi ‏@aaccomazzi 15h15 hours ago
@owlice @jonathansick @augustmuench @exoplaneteer @doug_burke in other words: who’s curating this stuff? is it relevant? is it scholarly?
Alberto Accomazzi ‏@aaccomazzi 15h15 hours ago
@owlice @jonathansick @augustmuench @exoplaneteer @doug_burke would love to hear use cases, see examples, motivations
Jonathan Sick ‏@jonathansick 14h14 hours ago
@aaccomazzi For LSST (unofficially) I want a blog where we discuss our solutions to technical probs; I'd want that to be easily citable.
August Muench ‏@augustmuench 14h14 hours ago
@jonathansick @aaccomazzi of course it can be cited, but will it be indexed? there in lies the rub. i say: if cited then indexed, but ?
Peter Williams ‏@pkgw 14h14 hours ago
@augustmuench @jonathansick @aaccomazzi I totally don't envy ADS for having to figured out how to deal with Zenodo, Dataverses, ...
August Muench ‏@augustmuench 14h14 hours ago
@pkgw @jonathansick @aaccomazzi you know I have an opinion. oh, you want to hear it? Great! ;-) (1/n)
August Muench ‏@augustmuench 14h14 hours ago
@pkgw @jonathansick @aaccomazzi data repo == zenodo/figshare/dataverse. (2/n)
August Muench ‏@augustmuench 14h14 hours ago
@pkgw @jonathansick @aaccomazzi if a data repo is 1:1 match w/article; if the repo is exactly what is in paper then ADS index/link it (3/n)
August Muench ‏@augustmuench 14h14 hours ago
@pkgw @jonathansick @aaccomazzi if an article references a data repo then index/link. this is the "first cite index" principle. (4/5)
August Muench ‏@augustmuench 14h14 hours ago
@pkgw @jonathansick @aaccomazzi since all the data repo's are DOI'd uniquely indexing them should be straightforward after they've been used
Alberto Accomazzi ‏@aaccomazzi 11h11 hours ago
@augustmuench @pkgw @jonathansick once zenodo record in ADS no further following of links from its reference list, right?
Alberto Accomazzi ‏@aaccomazzi 11h11 hours ago
@augustmuench @pkgw @jonathansick so essentially start from refereed literature, then do one citation hop and stop
Alberto Accomazzi ‏@aaccomazzi 11h11 hours ago
@augustmuench @pkgw @jonathansick I could probably live that that arrangement. Now if only the AAS were to allow these DOIs in references...
August Muench ‏@augustmuench 1h1 hour ago
@aaccomazzi @pkgw @jonathansick working on that policy now. should we use a specific JATS tag? Yes, I'm all about the XML.
Alberto Accomazzi ‏@aaccomazzi 54m54 minutes ago
@augustmuench @pkgw @jonathansick Ugh not sure, I’m not that deep into JATS, but what are we trying to flag for these references?
August Muench ‏@augustmuench 52m52 minutes ago
@aaccomazzi @pkgw @jonathansick only if needed. i'm knee deep in <media> vs <supplemental> tags, so wondered if citations needed tagging 2
Alberto Accomazzi ‏@aaccomazzi 10:07 AM - 6 Mar 2015
@augustmuench @pkgw @jonathansick oh when you get there, you’ll know. Not sure we need to do anything different except for proper @type

Discussion of ADS stuff

by owlice » Fri Mar 06, 2015 2:52 pm

Perhaps a thread on which to continue conversation started on Twitter.

Alberto's discussion thread below, which covers most of discussion so far; I'll clean it up as needed.