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McScatter: Three-Body Scattering with Stellar Evolution

Posted: Tue Jan 03, 2012 3:31 am
by owlice
[c]McScatter: Three-Body Scattering with Stellar Evolution[/c][/b]
Abstract: McScatter illustrates a method of combining stellar dynamics with stellar evolution. The method is intended for elaborate applications, especially the dynamical evolution of rich star clusters. The dynamics is based on binary scattering in a multi-mass field of stars with uniform density and velocity dispersion, using the scattering cross section of Giersz (MNRAS, 2001, 324, 218-30).

Credit: Heggie, Douglas C.; Portegies Zwart, Simon; Hurley, Jarrod


Bibcode: 2012ascl.soft01001H

ID: ascl:1201.001