IRDAP: SPHERE-IRDIS polarimetric data reduction pipeline

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IRDAP: SPHERE-IRDIS polarimetric data reduction pipeline

Post by Ada Coda » Fri May 01, 2020 3:52 am

IRDAP: SPHERE-IRDIS polarimetric data reduction pipeline

Abstract: IRDAP (IRDIS Data reduction for Accurate Polarimetry) accurately reduces SPHERE-IRDIS polarimetric data. It is a highly-automated end-to-end pipeline; its core feature is model-based correction of the instrumental polarization effects. IRDAP handles data taken both in field- and pupil-tracking mode and using the broadband filters Y, J, H and Ks. Data taken with the narrowband filters can be reduced as well, although with a somewhat worse accuracy. For pupil-tracking observations IRDAP can additionally apply angular differential imaging.

Credit: van Holstein, R. G.; Girard, J. H.; de Boer, J.; Snik, F.; Milli, J.; Stam, D. M.; Ginski, C.; Mouillet, D.; Wahhaj, Z.; Schmid, H. M.; Keller, C. U.; Langlois, M.; Dohlen, K.; Vigan, A.; Pohl, A.; Carbillet, M.; Fantinel, D.; Maurel, D.; Origné, A.; Petit, C. Ramos, J.; Rigal, F.; Sevin, A.; Boccaletti, A.; Le Coroller, H.; Dominik, C.; Henning, T.; Lagadec, E.; Ménard, F.; Turatto, M.; Udry, S.; Chauvin, G.; Feldt, M.; Beuzit, J. -L.


Bibcode: 2020ascl.soft04015V

Preferred citation method: For data reduced with IRDAP, please cite; for data in pupil-tracking mode, also cite

ID: ascl:2004.015
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