OSPREI: Sun-to-Earth (or satellite) CME simulator

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OSPREI: Sun-to-Earth (or satellite) CME simulator

Post by Ada Coda » Thu Sep 30, 2021 10:52 pm

OSPREI: Sun-to-Earth (or satellite) CME simulator

Abstract: OSPREI simulates the Sun-to-Earth (or satellite) behavior of CMEs. It is comprised of three separate models: ForeCAT, ANTEATR, and FIDO. ForeCAT uses the PFSS background to determine the external magnetic forces on a CME; ANTEATR takes the ForeCAT CME and propagates it to the final satellite distance, and outputs the final CME speed (both propagation and expansion), size, and shape (and their profiles with distance) as well as the arrival time and internal thermal and magnetic properties of the CME. FIDO takes the evolved CME from ANTEATR with the position and orientation from ForeCAT and passes the CME over a synthetic spacecraft. The relative location of the spacecraft within the CME determines the in situ magnetic field vector and velocity. It also calculates the Kp index from these values. OSPREI includes tools for creating figures from the results, including histograms, contour plots, and ensemble correlation plots, and new figures can be created using the results object that contains all the simulation data in an easily accessible format.

Credit: Kay, C.; Mays, M. L.; Collado-Vega, Y. M.

Site: https://github.com/ckay314/OSPREI

Bibcode: 2021ascl.soft09027K

ID: ascl:2109.027

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