LECTOR: Line-strengths in One-dimensional ASCII Spectra

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LECTOR: Line-strengths in One-dimensional ASCII Spectra

Post by owlice » Tue Apr 05, 2011 3:59 pm

LECTOR: Line-strengths in One-dimensional ASCII Spectra

Abstract: LECTOR is a Fortran 77 code that measures line-strengths in one dimensional ascii spectra. The code returns the values of the Lick indices as well as those of Vazdekis & Arimoto 1999, Vazdekis et al. 2001, Rose 1994, Jones & Worthey 1995 and Cenarro et al. 2001. The code measures as many indices as you wish if the limits of two pseudocontinua (at each side of the feature) and the feature itself (i.e. Lick-style index definition) are provided. The Lick-style indices could be either expressed in pseudo-equivalent widths or in magnitudes. If requested the program provides index error estimates on the basis of photon statistics.

Credit: Vazdekis, Alexandre

Site: http://research.iac.es/galeria/vazdekis ... tware.html

Bibcode: 2011ascl.soft04006V

ID: ascl:1104.006
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