GSD: Global Section Datafile access library

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GSD: Global Section Datafile access library

Post by Ada Coda » Mon Mar 30, 2015 4:49 am

GSD: Global Section Datafile access library

Abstract: The GSD library reads data written in the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope GSD format. This format uses the General Single-Dish Data model and was used at the JCMT until 2005. The library provides an API to open GSD files and read their contents. The content of the data files is self-describing and the library can return the type and name of any component. The library is used by SPECX (ascl:1310.008), JCMTDR (ascl:1406.019) and COADD (ascl:1411.020). The SMURF (ascl:1310.007) package can convert GSD heterodyne data files to ACSIS format using this library.

Credit: Tilanus, Remo; Meyerdierks, Horst; Jenness, Tim; Fairclough, Jon; Padman, Rachael; Redman, Russell; Cockayne, Steve


Bibcode: 2015ascl.soft03009T

ID: ascl:1503.009
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