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[ascl:1209.013] IRACproc: IRAC Post-BCD Processing

IRACproc is a software suite that facilitates the co-addition of dithered or mapped Spitzer/IRAC data to make them ready for further analysis with application to a wide variety of IRAC observing programs. The software runs within PDL, a numeric extension for Perl available from, and as stand alone perl scripts. In acting as a wrapper for the Spitzer Science Center's MOPEX software, IRACproc improves the rejection of cosmic rays and other transients in the co-added data. In addition, IRACproc performs (optional) Point Spread Function (PSF) fitting, subtraction, and masking of saturated stars.

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"This work is based in part on the IRAC post-BCD processing software "IRACproc" developed by Mike Schuster, Massimo Marengo and Brian Patten at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory." and citation to

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