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Prolific authors:

  1. Jenness, Tim: 15 codes credited
  2. Hogg, David W.: 13 codes credited
  3. Agol, Eric: 13 codes credited
  4. Berry, David S.: 12 codes credited
  5. Gammie, Charles F.: 10 codes credited
  6. Bertin, Emmanuel: 10 codes credited
  7. Draper, Peter W.: 9 codes credited
  8. Bovy, Jo: 9 codes credited
  9. Currie, Malcolm J.: 9 codes credited
  10. Ginsburg, Adam: 8 codes credited

Most viewed codes:

  1. McScatter: Three-Body Scattering with Stellar Evolution (ascl:1201.001): 7347 views
  2. Turbospectrum: Code for spectral synthesis (ascl:1205.004): 6196 views
  3. BHSKY: Visual distortions near a black hole (ascl:9910.006): 5478 views
  4. COSMICS: Cosmological initial conditions and microwave anisotropy codes (ascl:9910.004): 4914 views
  5. NEMO: A Stellar Dynamics Toolbox (ascl:1010.051): 4773 views
  6. ACORNS-ADI: Algorithms for Calibration, Optimized Registration and Nulling the Star in Angular Differential Imaging (ascl:1303.026): 4428 views
  7. PyMGC3: Finding stellar streams in the Galactic Halo using a family of Great Circle Cell counts methods (ascl:1411.011): 4047 views
  8. Transit Analysis Package (TAP and autoKep): IDL Graphical User Interfaces for Extrasolar Planet Transit Photometry (ascl:1106.014): 3919 views
  9. Starlink: Multi-purpose Astronomy Software (ascl:1110.012): 3636 views
  10. IM3SHAPE: Maximum likelihood galaxy shear measurement code for cosmic gravitational lensing (ascl:1409.013): 3520 views

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