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[ascl:1211.003] WVT Binning: Spatially adaptive 2-D binning

WVT Binning is a spatially adaptive 2-dimensional binning algorithm designed to bin sparse X-ray data. It can handle background subtracted, exposure corrected data to produce intensity images, hardness ratio maps, or temperature maps. The algorithm is an extension of Cappellari & Copin's (2003) Voronoi binning code and uses Weighted Voronoi Tesselations (WVT) to produce a very compact binning structure with a constant S/N per bin. The bin size adjusts to the required resolution in single-pixel steps, which minimizes the scatter around the target S/N. The code is very versatile and can in principle be applied to any type of data. The user manual contains instructions on how to apply the WVT binning code to X-ray data and how to extend the algorithm to other problems.

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"We made use of the WVT binning algorithm by Diehl & Statler (2006), which is a generalization of Cappellari & Copin's (2003) Voronoi binning algorithm." and citations to 2006MNRAS.368..497D and 2003MNRAS.342..345C

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