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[ascl:2404.004] TAT: Timing Analysis Toolkit for high-energy pulsar astrophysics

TAT-pulsar (Timing Analysis Toolkit for Pulsars) analyzes, processes, and visualizes pulsar data, thus handling the scientific intricacies of pulsar timing. By leveraging observational data from pulsars, along with the associated physical processes and statistical characteristics, the package integrates a suite of Python-based tools and data analysis scripts specifically developed for both isolated pulsars and binary systems. This enables swift analysis and the detailed presentation of timing properties in the high-energy pulsar field. Developed and implemented completely independently from other pulsar timing software such as Stingray (ascl:1608.001) and PINT (ascl:1902.007), TAT-pulsar serves as a valuable cross-checking and supplementary tool for data analysis.

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