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[ascl:1607.019] HIDE: HI Data Emulator
[ascl:1607.010] K2PS: K2 Planet search
[ascl:1605.001] MARZ: Redshifting Program
[ascl:1601.021] ISO: Isochrone construction
[ascl:1601.020] ProC: Process Coordinator
[submitted] pyreaclib
[ascl:1512.014] TM: Torus Mapper
[ascl:1511.007] MHF: MLAPM Halo Finder
[ascl:1511.003] SkyView Virtual Telescope
[ascl:1510.005] GALFORM: Galactic modeling
[ascl:1509.008] GFARGO: FARGO for GPU
[ascl:1505.018] POKER: P Of K EstimatoR
[ascl:1505.010] COBS: COnstrained B-Splines

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