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[ascl:2405.011] DirectSHT: Direct spherical harmonic transform

DirectSHT performs direct spherical harmonic transforms for point sets on the sphere. Given a set of points, defined by arrays of theta and phi (in radians) and weights, it provides the spherical harmonic transform coefficients alm. JAX (ascl:2111.002) can be used to speed up the computation; the code will automatically fall back to numpy if JAX is not present. The code is much faster when run on GPUs. When they are available and JAX is installed, the code automatically distributes computation and memory across them.

[ascl:2406.007] CARDiAC: Anisotropic Redshift Distributions in Angular Clustering

CARDiAC (Code for Anisotropic Redshift Distributions in Angular Clustering) computes the impact of anisotropic redshift distributions on a wide class of angular clustering observables. It supports auto- and cross-correlations of galaxy samples and cosmic shear maps, including galaxy-galaxy lensing. The anisotropy can be present in the mean redshift and/or width of Gaussian distributions, as well as in the fraction of galaxies in each component of multi-modal distributions. Templates of these variations can be provided by the user or simulated internally within the code.