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[ascl:2009.015] rcosmo: Cosmic Microwave Background data analysis

rcosmo provides information processing, visualization, manipulation and spatial statistical analysis of Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) radiation and other spherical data stored in or converted to HEALPix coordinates. The package has more than 100 different functions, and can perform spherical geometry, manipulate CMB and other spherical data, and visualize HEALPix data. rcosmo can also perform statistical analysis of CMB and spherical data, and transforme spherical data in cartesian and geographic coordinates into HEALPix format.

[ascl:2407.004] Forklens: Deep learning weak lensing shear

Forklens measures weak gravitational lensing signal using a deep-learning methoe. It measures galaxy shapes (shear) and corrects the smearing of the point spread function (PSF, an effect from either/both the atmosphere and optical instrument). It contains a custom CNN architecture with two input branches, fed with the observed galaxy image and PSF image, and predicts several features of the galaxy, including shape, magnitude, and size. Simulation in the code is built directly upon GalSim (ascl:1402.009).