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[ascl:2105.020] PAP: PHANGS-ALMA pipeline
[ascl:2106.013] Kadath: Spectral solver
[ascl:2106.015] ATES: ATmospheric EScape
[ascl:2106.024] RedPipe: Reduction Pipeline
[submitted] GalaXimView
[ascl:2107.018] ART: A Reconstruction Tool
[ascl:2107.019] PlaSim: Planet Simulator
[ascl:2107.025] MCPM: Modified CPM method
[ascl:2108.001] HRK: HII Region Kinematics
[submitted] spectrogrism
[submitted] ScopeSim
[submitted] ScopeSim Templates
[submitted] AnisoCADO
[submitted] Pyckles
[ascl:2111.002] JAX: Autograd and XLA
[submitted] forecaster-plus

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