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[ascl:1708.020] 4DAO: DAOSPEC interface
[ascl:1312.011] A_phot: Photon Asymmetry
[ascl:1302.003] ACS: ALMA Common Software
[ascl:1305.004] AdaptaHOP: Subclump finder
[ascl:1203.001] AE: ACIS Extract
[ascl:1102.009] AHF: Amiga's Halo Finder
[ascl:2307.004] ALF: Absorption line fitter
[submitted] amber_meta
[submitted] AnisoCADO
[ascl:1010.017] AOFlagger: RFI Software
[ascl:2107.018] ART: A Reconstruction Tool
[ascl:1807.030] ASP: Ames Stereo Pipeline
[ascl:2106.015] ATES: ATmospheric EScape
[submitted] atlas-fit
[ascl:1405.009] ATV: Image display tool
[submitted] BFast
[submitted] BMarXiv
[ascl:1303.014] BSE: Binary Star Evolution
[ascl:2001.007] BTS: Behind The Spectrum
[ascl:1901.003] CCL: Core Cosmology Library
[ascl:1901.001] cFE: Core Flight Executive
[ascl:2101.009] cFS: core Flight System
[ascl:1407.010] CLE: Coronal line synthesis
[ascl:2310.008] clfd: Clean folded data
[ascl:1505.010] COBS: COnstrained B-Splines
[ascl:1702.002] Corner plots
[ascl:1010.040] Cosmic String Simulations
[submitted] CRPropa 3.2
[ascl:1307.015] CTI Correction Code
[ascl:2008.017] CVXOPT: Convex Optimization
[ascl:1207.006] dcr: Cosmic Ray Removal
[ascl:1102.021] DIRT: Dust InfraRed Toolbox
[ascl:1608.013] DOLPHOT: Stellar photometry
[submitted] EleFits
[ascl:1303.002] emcee: The MCMC Hammer
[submitted] ExoPlanet
[submitted] Exovetter
[ascl:1802.001] FAC: Flexible Atomic Code
[ascl:1107.004] Flexible DM-NRG
[ascl:1105.008] Flux Tube Model
[ascl:1712.010] Flux Tube: Solar model
[submitted] forecaster-plus
[ascl:1406.006] FROG: Time-series analysis
[submitted] GalaXimView
[ascl:1510.005] GALFORM: Galactic modeling
[ascl:1509.008] GFARGO: FARGO for GPU
[ascl:1004.001] GIM2D: Galaxy IMage 2D
[ascl:1303.020] Ginga: Flexible FITS viewer
[ascl:2001.015] gnm: The MCMC Jagger
[ascl:1210.003] GOSSIP: SED fitting code
[ascl:1402.031] gyrfalcON: N-body code
[ascl:1607.019] HIDE: HI Data Emulator
[ascl:1909.012] HISS: HI spectra stacker
[ascl:2108.001] HRK: HII Region Kinematics
[ascl:1707.001] HRM: HII Region Models
[ascl:2205.009] hyperas: Keras + Hyperopt
[ascl:1302.009] IAS Stacking Library in IDL
[ascl:1911.011] IDG: Image Domain Gridding
[ascl:1312.003] IMCOM: IMage COMbination
[ascl:1601.021] ISO: Isochrone construction
[ascl:2111.002] JAX: Autograd and XLA
[ascl:1607.010] K2PS: K2 Planet search
[ascl:2106.013] Kadath: Spectral solver
[ascl:1206.009] Libimf
[submitted] LOFAR H5plot
[ascl:1306.012] LRG DR7 Likelihood Software
[ascl:1605.001] MARZ: Redshifting Program
[ascl:2107.025] MCPM: Modified CPM method
[ascl:1511.007] MHF: MLAPM Halo Finder
[ascl:2009.010] MLG: Microlensing with Gaia
[ascl:1412.010] MMAS: Make Me A Star
[ascl:2205.011] myRadex: Radex with a twist
[ascl:1305.013] Non-Gaussian Realisations
[submitted] ObsPlanner
[ascl:1805.014] OSS: OSSOS Survey Simulator
[ascl:2105.020] PAP: PHANGS-ALMA pipeline
[ascl:1307.011] PhoSim: Photon Simulator
[submitted] photGalIMF
[ascl:1609.011] Photutils: Photometry tools
[ascl:2309.008] PI: Plages Identification
[ascl:2102.024] Piff: PSFs In the Full FOV
[ascl:2107.019] PlaSim: Planet Simulator
[ascl:1505.018] POKER: P Of K EstimatoR
[ascl:1401.009] PPF module for CAMB
[ascl:1601.020] ProC: Process Coordinator
[ascl:1208.005] PSM: Planck Sky Model
[ascl:2210.001] PSS: Pulsar Survey Scraper
[ascl:2312.012] PulsarX: Pulsar searching
[submitted] Pyckles
[ascl:1207.009] PyFITS: Python FITS Module
[ascl:1706.011] PyPulse: PSRFITS handler
[ascl:1807.006] pyqz: Emission line code
[submitted] pyreaclib
[ascl:1704.007] PySM: Python Sky Model
[ascl:1210.019] QFitsView: FITS file viewer
[ascl:2406.012] QMC: Quadratic Monte Carlo
[ascl:2205.003] QSOGEN: Model quasar SEDs
[ascl:2302.022] RALF: RADEX Line Fitter
[ascl:2106.024] RedPipe: Reduction Pipeline
[ascl:2204.017] RSG: Redshift Search Graphs
[submitted] ScopeSim
[submitted] ScopeSim Templates
[ascl:1304.013] SFH: Star Formation History
[ascl:1307.014] Shapelets: Image Modelling
[ascl:1411.026] sic: Sparse Inpainting Code
[ascl:1307.013] SIMX: Event simulator
[ascl:1511.003] SkyView Virtual Telescope
[submitted] SLEPLET
[ascl:1202.013] SME: Spectroscopy Made Easy
[ascl:1902.001] SNTD: Supernova Time Delays
[submitted] SoFiAX
[ascl:1307.020] SOPT: Sparse OPTimisation
[ascl:2008.004] SOT: Spin-Orbit Tomography
[submitted] spectroflat
[submitted] spectrogrism
[ascl:2007.017] SPEX: Spectral Executive
[ascl:1806.013] SpS: Single-pulse Searcher
[ascl:1303.015] SSE: Single Star Evolution
[ascl:1801.003] Stan: Statistical inference
[ascl:1306.009] STF: Structure Finder
[ascl:1105.007] Sunspot Models
[submitted] Swiftest
[submitted] SWIFTGalaxy
[ascl:1707.007] swot: Super W Of Theta
[ascl:2203.031] TAWAS: Wave equation solver
[ascl:1807.024] TBI: Three-Body Integration
[ascl:2204.001] TG: Turbulence Generator
[ascl:1206.012] Time Utilities
[ascl:1910.007] TLS: Transit Least Squares
[ascl:1512.014] TM: Torus Mapper
[ascl:1304.011] TPZ: Trees for Photo-Z
[submitted] Turbospectrum_NLTE
[submitted] UMIST
[ascl:1412.009] URCHIN: Reverse ray tracer
[ascl:2301.020] VDA: Void Dwarf Analyzer
[ascl:1802.002] venice: Mask utility
[ascl:2311.001] wcpy: Wavelength Calibrator
[ascl:1108.003] WCSLIB and PGSBOX
[ascl:1212.007] WOLF: FITS file processor
[submitted] World Observatory

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